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Hi All, I'm also doing WW+, and the weight loss definately slows the longer you're with the program, probably due to the fact that the "easy" pounds (water weight, etc) are lost first (Just my take on this, mind you). Honestly, I've been so busy with after-work committments that I haven't been true to the plan, so I can't blame them! Last night I had to hurry home and take my daughter to a college pre-orientation reception an hour away. They had crackers and cheese, meatballs, and fried chicken tenders, and of course I was starving at the time, so I was off plan for the day- and of course this morning the scale showed what all that sodium can do to your numbers. What's worse was that I had to miss my WW meeting because of it, and that weekly weigh-in keeps me motivated. Just hope I can be extra diligant for the next week and see some results. I will resolve to hit the local rec center at least twice this week for a weight work-out class, and maybe that will move the scale in the right direction.
Everyone have a good day - we're getting colder weather in today, with possible snow tomorrow.

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