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OKAnnie - I was doing WWP+ at home, so my only reference on how others are doing is the WW boards here. Some members are doing great, while others stalled or gained, and went back to WW Momentum. I don't fault WWs, though, because I truly think this is a plateau brought on by reaching a "comfortable" weight. I was at this weight for several years, and I think my body likes it here. I, however, do not, lol. So I am doing what I can to shake things up a bit, while still following the Healthy Guidelines from WW.

I would say the program is geared both towards eating out, or cooking at home. It focuses on healthy foods, and I personally eat out only once a week, but there are healthy options available at just about every restaurant nowdays. So, part of the beauty of WWs is that a person can stay OP either way, by staying within their allotted points.

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