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Good Morning GGs,
It seems I can get, & stay, on the internet better, early in the morning. Sometimes in the evening, I can’t connect at all. Frustrating! Problem is, mornings I’m sleepy & just want to climb back in bed! I’ll try to stay awake long enough to catch up with everyone.

Freda, thanks for the b-day wish & compliment! I really did enjoy my dinner, way way too much! I’m so sorry your’s was so bad. Don’t you just hate wasting calories (& money) on something that’s not “great”?! Did you eat it anyway? At least you had a fun day.

Bunti, thank you for the compliment! Do you really think I look younger now? I sorta think I looked younger when my face was fatter. But, I’ll settle for looking older, since I FEEL so much better these days. I’m glad you got to see the full moon, bet that was beautiful. I was so disappointed it was too cloudy here.

KarenMO, Pat-Pat. Good for you for choosing a salad! And you enjoyed it! That’s great! You are really dedicated. If I could do that, I’m sure I’d lose a lot faster, but that’s just not gonna happen. I enjoy my “pig-out” meals far too much!

KarenFL, I thought all of us “wise older women” ( this other “person” is “older” isn’t she?) were supposed to be past all that pettiness. Yeah, right! Guess it never ends. Hope the election turns out the way it should - in your favor of course! We’re all pulling for you!

Gayle, your DH is the “coupon mom” in your household? Aren't you lucky. Does that mean he also likes shopping? I’ve tried & tried to get my SO interested in couponing, but - not happening. And he hates shopping!

Mary, like you, I ate far too much yesterday. Did you at least enjoy it as much as I did? I guess that’s more difficult when you have to worry about your BS levels. And, I didn’t have to deal with about being hungry later, because I was too “stuffed” to even think about food - so I know I ate a whole lot more than you!

Well, that’s all for now. Naptime!
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