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Originally Posted by Kreading View Post
WOW 8 lbs! That is amazing

Today my blood sugar was super low (almost passing out level) so I had a Wasa cracker and a slice of swiss around 2pm. It helped me get to dinner time. I still have a few hours before bed so I may even have to have another IP shake.

I also have trouble on Sundays...too much time on my hands. I love being at work and my days goes so quickly. I have less time to think about the things that I can't have.
I have struggled with low blood sugar too. Are you eating a piece of fruit with breakfast? It sure helps me. Although I was sick again after eating the yucky soup with the collard and mustard greens. I was so tired of all the bloating and getting sick after lunch that I messed up today. I'll get back on track tomorrow. I just wanted it to stop so I took some Kaopectate. Tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully I'll keep what I lost off. I'll have to get some strips to make sure I'm in Ketosis. I know what you mean about Sundays. There's so much I should have done today and didn't. I made it to church and did some stuff but slacked off all afternoon. I was tired after getting sick from the lunch again. i may just have to try different veggies.
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