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Okay...It's my turn to pitcha whine....This is convoluted and probably will delete instead of posting. 5 years ago at the annual meeting of one local bridge club i was elected to the board in Feb. Beginning of March I got the flu and was in bed 2 weeks. When I returned to bridge and went on the club web page noticed there were new board members...not me. I never said a word and waited until June when the VP says oh did anyone ever tell you what happened? (dah! a little illegal?) I stayed gracious and supported that club. But stayed much more active in another larger club. Last year the 2 clubs merged.

I was asked last month to run for VP and after thinking awhile agreed. The election is this coming week. Until Thursday I was running unopposed for the woman who masterminded the election 5 years ago has submitted her name to also running as VP. I am not going to pitch a rightous *itch but lordy I sure want to. What's that old saying "fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me."

I have decided to do and say nothing. At least until after the election. Be interested in seeing who is supportive. Guess this will tell real friends from acquaintances. As the kids say what a bummer.

The voting starts tomorrow. hmmmm karen3

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