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Good Morning GG's,

Yesterday was DS's birthday. Also his MIL's, so we all went to a shopping outlet/little resort town for some shopping and birthday dinner. It's Frankenmouth MI if any one wants to take a look. One of the restaurants there is famous for it's chicken dinners. So, that's what we had. Worst dinner I've had in a long time. The only redeaming side dish was the coleslaw. We left home at 11 got home at 12 midnight. did I say the rest of them like to shop? But it was fun spending the day with everyone.

Tea, so glad your son is doing ok. Bullriding? Here I was thinking car or bike accident. Teaches me not to jump to conclusions. Got to hand it to the kid though! That would be interesting.

Nancy. Very Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had fun at your dinner. I don't trust myself at those "all you can eat" places. I really don't know when to stop! I can see where someone might be surprised to see how you had changed after the weight loss, but that is a big jump to conclusions too. At least they cared. And the change is awsome!

Z, What a beautiful place to hold a wedding. I know you will have fun. Is it going to be fairly formal or more casual? How are you doing since your fall? Everything ok?

Karen31, I used to reward myself for every 5 lb. of weight I lost too. I have a very nicely filled Pandora bracelet for my efforts. Great incentive. I want you to hurry though, so you can tell us about the Zumba. You are doing so well with the WII. Told you that you just had to find something you enjoyed doing!

Bobbi, and just why did the Dr. think that an X-ray wouldn't help? How would he know without doing one. That is usually what they start with, before they do an MRI. And if I can do Zumba, so can you. I'm not saying I can kick as high as the younger ones, but I do just fine and keep up just as well! If you can ski lady, you can do this too. If you like to dance, go for it!

Lynn, Have fun lady! Do you have cistutis? Probably, no I know it is, spelled wrong. It present with the same symptoms as UTI but much harder to treat. My mom has it and it gets to be a bit much sometimes.

Lyn, Glad to hear that you are up and moving again! Once you get into a slump it's hard to climb out sometimes. That's what we're here for.

Gayle, You are the new shopping Queen for the day! Great bargains.

Rosie, Great accomplishment! One of just many more to come. You will improve every week. Have you started exercising yet? It will just help things along. Even if it's just arm weights it will improve your strength.

Mary, Yes, I did notice the full moon last night and said a pray of thanks that I wasn't working. The crazies really do come out when the moon is full.

Karen, I know when I had some spots removed from my face I did indeed look worst before they got better. But my "spots" were pretty bad. Like dark scabs that I had to wear bandaids over. Didn't last too long though and if that's what it takes to ensure no CA, it was well worth it.

Donna, We've finally got good weather and you're getting snow?

Everyone, have a blessed Sunday


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