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Hey GGs,
Beautiful day here today, sunny & 70ís! We were able to get out & enjoy it a little. Had to do a repair in one of our rental mobile homes, leaking faucet, so that kept us inside several hours (we ended up replacing both the faucet & sink). Itís a really good thing my SO is handy & can do most repairs himself (I assist - as in fetch & carry, & clean up!).

I have to tell you about a phone call I got Thursday night, around 11PM. It was from my ex (#2) & his wife. That part wasnít too surprising, weíve been divorced about 18 years, & he lives in another state, but heís kept in touch with me. He even came for a visit a couple of years ago so I could meet his wife, & he could meet my SO. And, he wanted to show her this area, since he lived around here for 6 years when he was married to me. Weíre friends on Facebook, & they saw my birthday pic there & wanted to wish me a happy birthday, & they were concerned because I looked so skinny! They were afraid I was sick! I was pleased that they thought I was thin, but a little insulted that they thought it was because I was sick. I talked to my mom about it, & she said it was a natural assumption since I look so different from when they saw me. Well, maybeÖ.?

Maureen, so glad your son is through with the surgery & ok. Bullriding??!!!! Still sending lots of prayers & positive thoughts your way.

Shirl, Iím glad you explained that laundry & trash problem! Itís the catís fault! No wonder I have so much - I have THREE cats!

Gayle, congrats on that one pound loss! Yay! Your nighttime post sounded a lot more cheerful than the morning one. Was it the weight loss, the sun, talking to your sister, or that great bargain you got on the dresses (that was pretty amazing, only $1.08 for both!!)? Sounds like you had a pretty great day. KarenMO, good for you on the .4 lb. loss! At least youíre still losing, yay! My weight was the same this week, darn! Still, guess thatís better than gaining. And you & Donna both wore polka dot bikinis?! I remember them, & the song, of course, but sadly, I was never slim enough for a bikini. And, Donna, I guess Bunti did send you some snow. With roofs collapsing from it, she sure didnít need any more! Thatís scary, Bunti!

Rosey, Yay! on your NSV. That's great! You have come so far, so fast! Good for you! You know, that bra size thing you talked about, was a problem for me too. Fortunately, Iíve been finding some new ones at the thrift stores that turned out to be the right size! (I did see one, at one of those stores, that said it was a J cup, but I thought that was a misprint - I didnít know cup sizes went up that far!)

Bobbi, those migraines must be awful! Like Donna, I still think there might be another cause. Is this the same dr., or a different one? I think you need a second opinion, or third or fourth!

Zoe, thanks for the compliments! Your sonís wedding sounds wonderful, & what a great thing to look forward to! Always nice to have a little extra incentive to stay OP. Hope you get that cold kicked. Youíre not always complaining, & even when you do, youíre so ďcolorfulĒ, itís quite entertaining! So complain away!

KarenFL, 80ís huh? And getting the pool opened up?! Whenís the pool party? And, I want to eat at Monkey Island - that sounds fun! I thought the story on the monkeys being in that area was, that theyíre descendants of some that escaped when they were filming Tarzan movies at Silver Springs, many years ago. At least thatís what I always heard. Hadnít heard about that restaurant though, or that hippo! And the areaís not strange, itís ďinterestingĒ!

Wow Mary, you've been busy! Glad you're feeling better!

Lynn, thanks for the b-day wish & compliment. Hope you have a great trip!

Almost forgot, Welcome OKAnnie! Nice to meet you.

Ok, Iíve been sitting here forever, & I havenít had supper yet! (I did stop long enough to heat up a couple of burritos for SO.) Bye yíall, gotta eat!
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