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Rosey - so happy for you! It does feel great to lose weight and be able to move more freely.

Bobbi - I love to travel, but would prefer not to stay 3 mo. esp since we do not want to come back during that time because of the weather conditions in the mountains we have to cross. (In an emergency of course we would either drive the pickup and leave the RV down south or fly home.) But I just don't like feeling like I'm stuck down there and yet once I'm there I adapt very easily and enjoy it. The RV has always felt very homelike. It's just that my way of traveling is to go and come not stay so long, but dh feels differently as he can't stand the cold rain and rarely seeing the sun up here which doesn't really bother me.

Anyone viewing the Super Moon tonight? Doubt we will see it due to the clouds but I plan to look for it.

My bs was still high this morning despite being OP with my carbs.
So far doing well today too. Had cottage cheese and two tangerines for breakfast, lunch was a very large strawberry-peach smoothie. Couldn't believe how much the recipe made ..suppose to be ONE serving but for me it was more like two! But I did drink it all as what I'm looking for is that filled-up feeling and I knew the carbs were ok. So I'm very full right now! LOL

My dh has been enjoying his new toy ...the pressure washer he bought yesterday. He has the patio and the driveway and walkway all cleaned up from the moss. I pulled a few weeds on the way back from getting the mail but that's all I did outside today. Trying to make Saturday my outdoor day if the weather cooperates. It is still very wet out there but the sun has finally come out.

I also went out to the RV and brought in all our bedding to wash. I know there are other things I need to bring in but I always forget when I get out there or I can't carry it all.

I finally feel caught up with my house cleaning although there are a few our closets that need organizing. That will get done in time but since we got home I have just sorta been throwing things in them or near them. Another thing I did today was to throw away old receipts and file new ones. Gathered everything I should need for filing our income tax which I plan to do next week.

Tonight's dinner is grilled steak, with mushrooms sauteed in Smart Balance, and sliced tomatoes. I may also heat up some leftover veggies or canned green beans to have with. My dessert will be applesauce. Dh may want rice to go with his dinner, but not me.

I'm feeling better so think the UTI is over. Have a f/u visit with doctor next week to make sure.

Karen 3 - Sounds like a unique place for a restaurant. We went down this highway in the Philippines last year where there were lots of monkeys. They came out because people would pull over and feed them. It was fun to watch them but there were some with physical defects and that was sad.

Yes we have come a long way from that little yellow polka dot bikini! I remember my mom saying she thought one day people would wear just a little string type bikini on the beach and her prediction has sure come true. Personally I never ever wore a true bikini even in my skinny days...I thought I was TOO skinny then! But during my brief "just right" days I did have a two piece I thought I looked pretty good in.

My leg is aching so think I'll soak in the tub for a while before it's time to start dinner. Have a good evening evening everyone!!

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