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Good Morning, All...
PT/Zoe, you made me laugh out loud... but, of course, I'd have to save this and then go back to see WHY you made me laugh out loud (I'm VERY old and tired, you see!). I hope your cold is better (no, that didn't make me laugh!).

Bobbi, Denver itself isn't all that wooded, although an aerial view shows a lot more greenery than one would think. However, the areas around Denver, the beginnings of the mountains and the mountains themselves, are full of woody areas. We always have brush fires, and this year it started early because of the lack of moisture. We had a huge fire several years ago, the Hayman fire, which destroyed I can't remember how many thousands of acres, and I could hear the slurry bombers going overhead on their way to try to drown that fire. THAT was scary! Those planes are loud! The city of Boulder itself had some danger this year, but Denver hasn't.

KarenMO, I remember the yellow polka dot bikini! Gawd, I can even remember wearing a polka dot bikini (back in the days when I did all sorts of degenerate things . Fond (dim) memories....) I'm very proud of you! Have I told you that lately?

Bobbi, I can see that x-rays might not be needed, but has your doc suggested an MRI or other neurological test to make sure there's nothing going on in your noggin' that might be causing the migraines? This just doesn't seem like a good way to live, for the next 40 or 50 years!

Tea, any word on your son? Good thoughts!

Everyone, hope you're all well!! Later, gorgeous girlies!

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