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Yawn. Mornin'. Yawn. Saturday, is it? <lookin' around> Oh. Yeah. 8:42 and I still have me PJ's on. Mus' be the weekend. Good. 'Tis been a busy week for this old crone. My son and his fiancee have chosen their wedding venue, and I'm really, really pleased with their plans. Instead of the traditional church-country club scene, they're renting a gorgeous country home up in the Berkshires for the whole long Labor Day weekend, and we'll all go up with them and stay for all three days, after which we'll come home and they'll leave on the honeymoon the location of which, as of yet, remains undecided. Here's the place: And, in the final analysis, three days here for all of us is cheaper by far than one (wedding day) in a traditional wedding + reception scenario. Of course, they'll be renting a big outdoor tent and dance floor, and there will be catering costs for the reception, a photographer I suppose, but still way more for the money than is typical. Plus, we'll have a barbecue, the more agile among us (including the wedding couple) will play some tennis, and we can wander around that pretty property to our heart's content. Lovely. Now I REALLY have to stick to my eating plan (I already am, so I'm a least a few steps ahead of the game) so that I can look my best as official Mama-of-the-groom.
Well, that's my news for the week. Oh, that, and yesterday was my twinnie's second birthday! DD is having their "official" party next Saturday, but had a little family pizza, cake & ice cream party last night. I couldn't go. I seem to have developed a rather nasty cold between Thursday night and yesterday afternoon. Went to work - had to drive up to Pittsfield (2 hours) in fact, and managed by taking a rather large dose of cold medicine (not the kind that puts you to sleep!) but by the time I got home, I was wiped. That, and thinking that a nasty cold wouldn't make a very good birthday present kept me bundled up in front of the <gasp> TV waiting to get good and sleepy so that I could drink down some Nyquil and try to sleep through the night, which luckily, I did manage to do. Change of season, no doubt. Doesn't seem to take much to start me clogging up and sneezing and coughing. I'm just now realizing that I'm starting to sound like a freaking hypochondriac...always complaining about something. I absolutely abhorred that about my mother...she was one of those people whom you never dared say "Hello, how are you doing?" because she would proceed to spend the next half hour providing a graphic inventory of her health concerns. So, if I turn into her, Im'a goin' to shoot myself and put us ALL out of our misery!
Grocery shopping today. Whee and whoopee-do. Nuffin' else on the agenda, and that's a very happy prospect. I DO want to brew up a pot of my chicken soup, and get a few things ready for the week's menus, but other than that and a little light cleaning, I'm prepared to be quite sluggish. I have (picture a line of royal trumpeteers blowing a tah-dahhhhhhhhh!!!!) been keeping up-wiping up, dusting off throughout the week (plus DH, who is the biggest source of crumbs in the house, actually was in Rochester, NY for a couple of days doing some consulting) and so my house isn't quite the disaster it usually is on a Saturday morning.
Yesterday was bee-yoo-ti-ful - almost hit 70 degrees, and sunny, oh, yeaaaahhhhhh. Today is sunny, but I can hear the wind roaring out there, and it's not supposed to get much over 40's today. Ack.
First day of spring tomorrow you say, Karen3? Ohhhhhh. Yes. Dancing, moi? Hmmmmm. Would you settle for a big, heartfelt sigh of relief?
Oh, Rosey, having your clothes get too big is just the most exquisite kind of problem, isn't it? Of course, with your sewing skills, I'm sure you can keep yourself clothed until you reach the point of shopping in the juniors department.....oh, the bras! Yikes. I don't suppose you can make those. 46J???? Oh, my. I'm afraid that the only way to get a good fit in a bra is to try the darned thing on. One size, I've found, isn't even uniform from one brand to the next. I used to wear nothing but Bali underwires, but for the past maybe six or so years, I wear a Lilyette "keyhole" model that's both comfortable and about as flattering as it can be, considering what it's got to work with.
Hey,, I haven't been to Kohl's for a while, now. I've been haunting T.J. Maxx and Marshalls for summer stuff for myself (and I don't know WHY, really...this will be my last summer working, after all) but now that you've mentioned the kid's clothes, I really should make a run by and see what I can pick up for the grandkiddos. Oh, and look at you! An unexpected pound gone! Doesn't that just feel sooo good? Like you sneaked it past the food police or something, right?
Hi Bunti - me, quiet? LOL. Now I KNOW something's not right. Omigosh about that roof. Earlier this winter, a three-family house here in Worcester collapsed from the roof being filled with snow. Collapsed! I don't think anyone was in it at the time - I didn't hear about any fatalities or anything - but they had to take the house completely down and haul away all the debris. Now that's TOO MUCH SNOW!
And speaking of snow, it amazes me, PT...that you got so little this year. NEXT year, we'll be glad to spread the wealth a little more evenly!
Karen31, the key is that you keep on moving down...and you're doing that, my dear woman! Plus you are toning and building muscle, which is heavier than fat. So you just keep up the good work, and this summer you'll be gliding through that pool of yours in an eeny-meeny, teeny-tiny yellow polka dot bikini!!!! LOL! Does anybody remember that song?
Hi Annie! Jump right in and join the fracas. We have ourselves a good time hereabouts. Except when we're whining, but even that's okay, too, because we all take turns!
Tea, I'm thinking of you and your son, and praying that the surgery went well. Please update us as soon as you are able.
Welcome to you, Shirl. We're happy to have you with us. And yes, time for ourselves is essential. And it's hard finding some with a DH whose home all the time (mine retired 3 or so years ago, and since then, I've yet to ONCE come home to an empty house.) VERY difficult. (Ooops. I actually did the other night when he was away on that little consulting job. What luxury!)
Nancy, you look sooooooo little! Wow. You've lost nearly 100 pounds! I didn't realize that! You ought to be super proud of yourself, chickie! I am! Of you, I mean. Fab-u-loso!
Bobbi, I'm not a huge fan of raw brocolli, but I've been seeing bags of it shredded in the grocery store for brocolli slaw. Is that sort of what you mean? Oh, yeah. That book sounds about right for me, too. I have to say that the sex scenes in the Claire and Jamie books weren't my favorite parts. Especially thinking about what they must smell like with so little opportunity to bathe....uck.
Oh, Freda, those temperatures in the high sixties yesterday were heavenly, weren't they? 40's again here today, but that little taste of warmth and sunshine was sooooo sweet, wasn't it?
Okay, this isn't a post, it' a freaking NOVEL, so I've gotta to cut myself off. Hey Lynn and Lyn...thinking of you two chickies, too, but I'm purely out of space, here. Have a great weekend, y'all!!!!


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