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Good Morning Girls,
I've just gone back 3 pages to catch up. I didn't see where Zoe fell, what's happening Zoe?

Bunti...I used fat free mayo which cuts some of the calories, I had some fresh broccoli to use up and thought that would be a great salad. I'll not make that again for a long time. Sunflower seeds, raisins and sharp cheddar cheese is so high in calories.
I love that salad you mentioned, but figured it was loaded with calories. Still, there may be room on my plan....

Shirl...I wrote that book title down and will look for it tomorrow. Thanks!
I love to read and will hit the library for "True Colors". If you get a chance to read "The Secret Gift", it will touch your heart also.
Mary...welcome home. I used to go on hunting trips with DH and always wanted to get out and kiss the ground when we entered back into Minnesota. But then I hate traveling too. We drink organic tart cherry juice in the mornings. Dr Oz had a segment on it and it's suppose to be really healthy.
Mary…I'm home! We decided to come back one day early so we got here Monday afternoon. I think
Hi OKAnnie! Welcome!
Glynne...yesterday I was looking at some of the weight watchers frozen desserts but didn't buy any, still too many calories. How was your weigh in?
Have weight watchers weigh in tomorrow
KarenFla...We were in the 50's the last couple of days and some towns are getting ready with sand bags for the flooding that's sure to come. We're not in danger ourselves but Rochester is. (Mayo Clinic town).
We are supposed have 80's for next 2 weeks which means i can start up the pool. Swimming seems to be the only excerise I really like to do.
Rosey...I love Walmart too, we have a super Walmart in our town and I like one stop shopping. Do you ride their scooters around the store or bring your own. Maybe you can go try on some bras while you're there so you know what size you're in now. I'm mad about those stupid college basketball games too, I missed Dr. Oz show.

fun.and a side trip to wallmart i have been having a terrible time ordering clothes becuz my
KarenMo...nope, woke with a migraine yesterday morning, had it all last night and again this am. Doc said taking x-rays wouldn't do any good. My problem is obvious, knotted up neck/shoulder muscles. He put me on a muscle relaxer and something to ease pain and sleep. Plus I'm going back to Health Reach where they'll do deep massages. (I love them)
KarenMoBobbi, did you find anything new about your headaches? They can be so miserable.

Freda...I was thinking of joining a Zumba (Zoomba?)class but was talked out of it. I don't think I'd be able to could keep up to everyone. Plus I'm LAZY. Are you still in the losing mode?
Freda…I went to Curves for Zoomba last night. it was fun, I sweated like a pig, and I'm a little sore this morning. Feels good to change things up a bit.

Donna...Do you live in a heavy wooded area? I was thinking Colorado was the best place to live, hadn't thought of forest fires. Have you ever been in one?

There have been several fires in the canyons around Boulder already.

DH gave me a good massage this morning on my neck and back, think I'll go and get some laundry done.
Hi Zoe, Nancy, Lynn, Lyn, who'd I miss?
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