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Hi everyone..its been a crazy busy day..this am i made a honey do list for my dh and together we did it all..mostly housework,laundry,dishes,and house looks nice. tommorow we both have apts at the hosp fpr tests.hes havinga cat scan and im having my 3 month blood test to make sure im getting the nutrients i need..i have not been out for 6 weeks and im stir crazy so even a trip to the hosp is going to be fun.and a side trip to wallmart i have been having a terrible time ordering clothes becuz my size has changed..i needed new bras and have yet to find one that fits i did this sizing video on woman within and it must be wrong as according to them i need a 46 J yikes i know its wrong not built like dolly parton..anyways for now i guess old will have to do..i'm still chuckling over that dumb video..hoping u all a have agreat weekend.prayers for your son tea. rosey

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