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Morning all, quick flyby.

Donna, its NOT snowing here, and I am so glad. We got awakened in the wee hours by a loud crash, got up to investigate, couldn't figure it out. Checked front and back yard, DS bedroom, rest of the house, garage etc. Couldn't find a thing. No lights in the neighborhood went on, everything looked okay, nothing on our local radio station. If we both hadn't been awakened I would have thought I dreamed it. Well, this morning looked out the window above the sink, and the neighbors covered porch has collapsed- an add on room about 16 by 20. What a mess, I guess that is what we heard. They must have slept thru it last night. Heavy snow. and the porch didn't have much of a slant, so it all stayed up there. I am glad no one was in the porch.

I feel sluggish after corned beef and cabbage last night. Saved the points for a serving, and waited too late. It interfered with my sleep too, sigh. I guess I have changed what my tummy is willing to deal with.

Tea Granny, I am thankful you posted and that your son has been moved out of trauma. That is good news, and hope he is able to be operated on soon. My son had a terrible accident as well, 17 years ago, and I will never forget the "hurry up and wait". We were there for 4 months- he escaped much of the pain by being in a coma--mixed blessing. Orthopedists can do so many wonderful things now, that is so hopeful. Continuing to pray.

Gayle, many years later I still am not used to only 2 days off-- it is a whole different rhythm- but it gets better.

Zoe, hope things are going well with you. Get some rest girl, you're too quiet!!

Everyone else, I will post later. Just realized the time and I have a meeting in 20 minutes! Hugs.
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