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Originally Posted by Jaclyn06 View Post
I am using the alternative plan. Just got done with my 1st week. Got most of my info from this forum.

i am using EAS AvantEDGE shakes, they are sold at Walmart, comes in a 4 pack. They are 4.99 a pack.

For breakfast: Shake
Lunch: Salad, I use romanie or mix no iceberg, measure 2 cups of veggies on side, use Walden Farms salad dressing and a shake
Dinner: 7oz of fish or 5oz of lean meat, salad and 2 cups of veggies( either I use the full 2 cups on the side steamed or I use 1cuo on side 1 cup on salad) Walden farms dressing
30 mins before bed shake

I am also taking a ton of vitamins. Mulit-vitamin, Omega 3, calcuim, magnisum, & potassium.

I have lost 8 pounds in 1 week.

oh yea forgot at least half my weight in water

I appreciate any help you can give me.

Jaclyn...thanks for the info it really helps. going by what you have for your meals she isn't eating enough...she would use her green salad for her 2 cups of veggis. I will give her this info and maybe she will start losing more.

W1-4, W2-2, W3-3, W4-2, W5-2, W6-3, W7-1, W8-1, W9-4, W10-2, W11-3, W12-1, WI13-1, WI14- +1, WI15 -5, WI 16 -2, WI 17 -2, WI 18 -2 .....27 1/4 inches lost
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