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Originally Posted by EatAnts View Post
Try Digestive Enzymes. They help with the gas issues a lot. Let me know if you have other alternative plan questions. My boyfriend who's lost 50 lb did the alternative plan while I did the regular one.
EatAnts...I have some questions about the alternative plan. I'm doing the regular IP but I have a friend that can't afford this plan so I got her started on an alternative plan. She is using Weight Protein (?) powder as her protein shakes then doing everything else IP. Can you give me a sample menu of what your boyfriend has...what protein shakes does he use...does he use any protein many meals does he have a day (3,4,5)...does he count his salad seperate from his vegetable count or is it part of it. I'm confused about the coach says iceberg is unlimited but romain or mixed green lettuce counts towards veggis (anything dark green)...but I read on here not to use iceberg due to no nutritional value and romain and mixed green lettuce is considered lettuce (unlimited).

My friend lost 6 lbs her first week but hasn't lost anything for her second. I thought she would have lost something her second week. I just want to make sure we are on the right track.

I appreciate any help you can give me.

W1-4, W2-2, W3-3, W4-2, W5-2, W6-3, W7-1, W8-1, W9-4, W10-2, W11-3, W12-1, WI13-1, WI14- +1, WI15 -5, WI 16 -2, WI 17 -2, WI 18 -2 .....27 1/4 inches lost
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