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Hello all,

One day down and three to go (work). I still like my job way better than my job before, but oh my ~ the pace during the week is so different from how it is mostly on the weekends. I am thankful that I had a year on the job before my hours and schedule changed. It is a head spinning crazy pace. Probably as I get used to it, I will learn how to cope. I had my routine down on the weekends ~ that all flew out the window for the weekdays.

Freda ~ They are working on that change at our hospital where the dr's will eventually have to put their own orders into the computer. I look forward to being able to read the orders, but I imagine the dr's will go into it kicking and screaming. Some of them are nice and considerate, others are butts. Regarding the not taking verbal orders (we are still allowed to take phone orders but even that is discouraged if there is another choice) but not verbal ones ~ we had one dr who gave a verbal order to the nurse ~ she stood her ground and told him we were not allowed to do that ~ he left ~ got on the elevator and called her with his cell phone to give the order ~ then went and reported her to administration.

Still trying to adjust my routines for eating and exercise. It will take a while of trial and error.

Zoe ~ Bobbi ~ when you add the fiber one to yogurt ~ how much do you add? I am not eating the same since this change in my job ~ not getting the fruits and vegetables like I was and thought maybe the fiber one/yogurt would help my system.

Sorry ~ I'll have to wait until my day off to do personals. Hope you all are doing well.

Take care
One day at a time ~ never giving up!!

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