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Hey G.G.s,

Just a quick stop-by before I go and take a little nap, only 5 hours sleep last night. And Ive got some errands to run today. But, first I had to share this with you. A few years ago I had my SO measure my height, & was shocked to learn I was only 55 tall. I was 57 when they measured me in high school (though that might have been with shoes on). I made him redo it several times before Id believe it. Well, last night I decided to have him check it again. Now Im only 54 (& )! Nooooo! I chose my goal weight because thats what Id need to get to, to not be overweight (by those darn BMI charts). Now Id have to get down to 145. The way things are going, if I ever managed to get down to that, Id probably have lost another inch in height, & still be considered overweight! I AM NOT CHANGING MY GOAL WEIGHT! They can take those charts & blankedy, blankedy, blank!. Ok, I feel better now. Thanks for listening (reading). Back later (I hope).

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