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Hi Everyone. This am I had oatmeal with 1T of raisins & coffee. (4 points on WW program) I don't add milk or anything else to it - like it "plain". During the winter I eat alot of oatmeal. I go for breakfast with friends a couple of times a week & then I usually have have 2 scrambled eggs. one piece of dry rye toast & sliced raw tomato & coffee. Sometimes I will have a wrap with scrambled eggs, ham & salsa. Both eating out breakfasts are 6 points on WW program. When spring comes (if it ever will! ) I'll switch to cold cereal or an egg. I haven't had the best week "eating wise" - I need a swift kick you know where. Have to face the music at weigh in tomorrow. The weather here is warming up but cloudy, rainy, & mucky. Everything is gray - the snow, the sky, my car, flower beds, me......... but spring is coming. But I do love the daylight savings time! YAY! Love the wedding pics too. BIG CONGRATS to those who have lost weight!
A marathon......scares me but good on you Lynn. I'd like to start jogging or something like that but not until the roads are decent. I have no idea how though. I guess walk, jog, walk, jog, etc? BFN....
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