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Morning everyone..sunny here today and i'm loving it! what i eat for breakfast now is protein,my egg muffins(recipe on theworldaccordingtoeggface),or scambled eggs and any meat left overs with vegies or salsa usually chix,or cottage cheese and fruit,once in awhile lo sugar oatmeal. i was eating carbs but realized that it was stalling my wt my dr said protein 1st,then fruit or vegies..i do have fiber one and add it to yogurt once in a while for a change. I love all my pictures scrapbooking is my hobby,i like to make a picture record of our lives and of my family and friends.and yes i was young and dumb i was 20 in the wedding pic. lynn i really admire u for the marathon,all i can say is wow wtg .. have agreat day everyone ttfn rosey

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