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Good Morning girls,

Had to work the weekend. Survived it, glad it's over. Not sure what's happening the rest of the week. I'm sure something will come along to fill it up and keep me busy. Grocery shopping for sure, the cubbards are bare. Cleaning, as usual. Try to fit some fun in there somewhere. At least it has stopped raining and no snow in sight this morning. Although I was up late last night (couldn't sleep again) and looked outside and there were flurries. I might even see some sun poking through.

Karen, I'm for sure making this recipe. It has all the things I like and sounds good and healthy. For some reason the Green Giant creamed spinach is hard to find here.

Donna, I'm praying for all those people who were affected by the tsunami too. Such devistation! My nephue just left Japan last week to go home to Hawaii. They had just build a house on the beach. Got some bad weather but nothing like what was expected.

Karen31, Of course you can do it, if you want it enough. It's about decisions, every day. Beautiful wedding pictures. You look so young! Of course we were getting married so young then. I'm so glad the kids of today are waiting a little longer.

Sherri, Hope you had a good weekend too!

Nancy, Bones are beautiful! ha! And with another 2 lb. loss, you'll be seeing more of them.

Gayle, Sorry you're having to go through yet another change at work. I hate change. It usually is not for the best. Every time they tell us we're having a change and it will make it better for us, it doesn't! Exactally the opposite! But we do get used to it. Not much choice is there? I know we're getting reay for another big change too. The Doc.'s are going to have to put their own orders in the computer and we won't be taking verbal or phone orders. Yeah right! That's going to happen!

Rosie, What beautiful pictures. You look so young too!

Bunti, you sound like me. I get these things with all the bells and whistles and never learn how to use them. My camera is just point and click. Or that is all that I use. Some day...

Tammy, You have to find a diet that works for you. There are so many out there and most of them will work if it's something you can stay on long term. I count calories. BUT I eat healthy too. So not just empty calories.

Karen3, We for get how many times are on clocks or times, don't we. DH had ours all set when I got home Saturday. Some of the clocks in the hospital were changed and some were not. Very confusiing.

Hi Lynn, Hope you're having fun and out getting ready for the big race.

Totta get off here and start my day, Hope you all have a good one

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