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Evening all.... The long twilight this evening was worth changing all the damn clocks! Still have the car one to do. Between clocks and those little light dots the number too much to count. They get blinking and could cause a siezure! No joke wander around in the dark and count those suckers. Even my tooth brush has one. Maybe Big Brother is follow us with those wee lights.

Went out to dinner with friends and as we sat down realized it was really an hour early. Place was packed...guess we were all doing the Florida senior thing...early early bird!

DS's book is now on Barnes and Noble page and ebook. There are 8 more reviews and even better than the first ones.....Nope I didn't write one. So pleased for him. They compare it to the book "Water for Elephants."

DH is going to get a new Myers Lemon tree for us tomorrow. The cold snap got ours in Dec. Myers lemons are sweet and hugh. Think as big as a grapefruit with a dash of manadrin orange. One tree will serve the neighborhood and all my bridge club buddies.

Bobbie....Have they tested you for Lymne disease? That has been producing neurological symptoms like migraines etc.....just a thought.

darn forgot about this sorry but to tired to redo whole thing.

I'll sit down and do personals Tuesday. Bridge tomorrow and face treatment 8am Tuesday. Sitting here is the quiet will be perfect.

I have a new problem with this laptop(not old) have a roving sticky key. Been the enter key now it is the q????

Think I'll watch the amazing Race....karen3
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