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Originally Posted by Bobbolink View Post
Welcome Tammy....I see a lack of fruits and vegetables through out the day. (tomato juice is good and so is the carrots with your roast.) Are you getting plenty of fiber in? Snacking on veggies instead of crackers would be a better alternative. What kind of plan are you on? If you put a day's worth of food into something like Fitday, you'd get a better idea of what you should be eating. Just a thought. I can tell you have an adorable accent just by the way you post. Again....welcome.
Hey, Bobbi! I believe I never get enough fiber, if you know what I mean, LOL.

I have no plan to speak of... I thought of Atkins, but wanted to keep the baked potato in my diet. Any suggestions about what type of plan I should use? So, maybe in the morning I could eat wheat thins or another type of cracker with some lowfat cream cheese, along with the tomato juice?
I'm open to suggestions/ideas... please.

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