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Good Morning, All....

First, I'm horrified by the quake and tsunami! Oh, those poor, poor people!

Lots of postings.... but I wanted to especially mention your pictures, KarenMO! It's the clothing that makes it hard to see the differences, but in your face and legs is where I see that you're a mere shadow of your former self! You really deserve to be commended! GOOD JOB!!!! I think you should post one of your wedding pictures, which are gorgeous and what you're aiming to recreate, I think.

PT/Zoe, it doesn't look like MamaNature is finished with you yet! I hope you don't have flooding, now that it's finally warming up for you! I'm glad you're well and healthy... guess you're like the rest of us and just slowing down a bit. I guess that exercise idea (ugh) is more important now (ugh).

Bobbi, I hope you nag and whine and make a total pain of yourself until those doctors DO something for you! Freda (I think) was right that there is something going on, and they need to find out what that is!

Pretty day today. I've been busy (doing WHAT????), and today is a late/early (depending on your perspective) Christmas gathering with my SIL and Granny/Mom. I'm looking forward!

Rosey, Nancy, KarenFL, Mary, everyone, everyone.... have a lovely weekend!

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