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Hi everyone..i just had a slice of cake that i made from that web site and it was really good..its 3T ww pancake mix,3T milk,1/2 tsp oil,1 egg,1tspof sf any flavor syrup,1t sf jello..i used raspberry and didnt use the syrup as i didnt have it, anyways mix together, spray pam a glass cup,i used a lg coffee cup and micro for 2 min. it raises up above the cup but comes down made 4 slices,serve with sf jam and lite spray whipping cream..i was surprized that i liked it but then i have not had anything like that in over 6 months ncnancy..i have that problem too but i call them butt and inner leg wrinkels..i have loose skin and sometimes it gets pinched when i sit the wrong way sounds weird but true..cant fix it tho so i just readjust on that weird note ttfn rosey

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