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Hey G.G.s,
Glad the tsunami didn’t do much in the US, but poor Japan! Gonna be a long & difficult recovery period.

Freda, sorry about that snow, & those headaches. That’s so sad about your co-worker’s son. If only young people would realize no matter how bad things seem, they get better! That’s one thing age teaches us.

Zoe, good for you on your NSV - fitting into that skirt, & for staying OP! Way to go! I do remember George Carlin’s routine about “stuff”. Only, I don’t think I need another house for mine - I want a whole warehouse! And I’d have it filled in no time! Bunti, when my SO watches that TV show about hoarders, he’s always telling me that will be me in a few years. Not! I keep all my stuff neatly (well, relatively neatly) hidden away! I do have a “junk” room, but at least you can walk through it (at the moment, anyway). Maybe I should be worried?!

KarenMO, yay! for you on your weight loss. Looking good!

Rosey, great that you're having good weather. Glad you're safe from tsunamis. Hope you have better luck with your new swimming outfit.

KarenFL, glad you've got those taxes done. That's always a relief. Glad you don't really want to be 13 again. I figured you knew better than that, especially with all those rules Zoe was planning on imposing. The Plant City Strawberry Festival is this weekend?!! I'd love to just jump in the car & head down there, but with the price of gas (awful!!!), ain't gonna happen.

Before I go, need to fix supper, I want to mention something I’ve been noticing, about bones! Seems I have them! Hip bones, ribs, knees, backbone, etc., etc., you get the idea. When I had all that extra padding, I didn’t notice them, but now that some of that padding’s gone - well I do. And sometimes they’re annoying! My bed, though quite old, was reasonably comfortable before, but now I feel all sorts of lumps & bumps, guess we’ll have to get a new bed. And, I sleep on my side, & now my knees keep bumping together & I have to keep adjusting the position of my legs. When I lie on my back, all my flab seems to “fall back”, & I feel these bones poking out & think “Oh my God, is that supposed to feel like that?”. This is all new to me. My chair in the living room has developed uncomfortable lumps, & so has the driver’s seat in my car! I can’t afford a new car! Someone should have warned me about this bone thing! Am I going to get used to it?! Please all you G.G.s with bones, let me know! And for those of you planning on getting some, at least you’ll know what to expect.

P.S. KarenMO, I took the liberty of putting your “before & after” pics side by side (hope you don’t mind). Now can you see the difference? I sure can!
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