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Morning everyone..another gorgeus day dogs are following the sun across the floor and i actually had to turn down the heat..spring is coming zoe yup it is..that earth quake was awful to watch, we have a tusami warning and yes we are about 3 miles from the not worried becuz the bluff from the inlet is 75 to 100 feet high from the beach and the warnings are for 3 to 5 feet if it even gets to us.. feel sry for those folks in japan..Karen 31 you look awsome,you can really see the diff in your pictures wtg did any one check out that web site theworldaccordingtoeggface her recipes are lo or no carb,and they have really helped me to stay away from carbs..and eating more protein sure keeps me from being hungry..on another swim suit came and it was awful,cheaply made and nothing to hold up the "girls" yikes i sent it back and reordered swim shorts and a tank top much better.. well nothing exciting planned for my day hope yours is awsome rosey

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