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Quick fly by, goldens!! I am still lurking, as I just have time to check in and read all of the comments. So many successes.

I have only time for a few quick comments. Mostly, mine would echo Z'z, except as a native Californian, I would move back in a minute. (I am in Alaska, its 11 degrees, and we still have tsunamis and earthquakes.)
  • ZOE-I am so glad your tests are looking good so far, fingers crossed.
  • Bobbi, like all the others I hope you will find someone to help you with your pain.
  • Rosey- Wahoo on making it back to your tracker. Like you and Freda, I mostly eliminate white carbs.
  • Karen31-holy mackeral, I wanna be like you!!
  • Freda, My prayers go out to your friend.
  • Donna- You deserve compliments. I know it is hard. My DH was so frustrated by my inability to take them, he made me practice. (25 years ago) Now I am obnoxiously comfortable with them. But don't get as many from him, lol. And, this comment;one bite of the others and I'm off the wagon, under the wheels, and drooling from the left side of my mouth! Have you been peeking in my windows? I am the same way.
  • Regarding Stuff, we are doing "27 fling boogies" at our house lately. It is a flylady thing we do when our stuff starts to overwhelm. We are all collecters, don't want to have a TV hoarders intervention at my house.

Well, I should comment more, but just looked at the time and I gotta get out of here. Hugs all.
I will:Journal every bite * Be gentle to myself and my family * Exercise to the best of my ability * Drink at least 8 glasses of water * Focus on colorful veggies, salads, low gycemic fruit, lean proteins and healthy fats * Limit grains * Get up at the same time everyday and get back into routine * Visit 3FC every day, it makes a big difference to my attitude, thanks to the wonderful folks here.

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