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Time for me to check in – I didn’t realize I hadn’t – I’ve been reading everybody’s posts, and then must’ve just been too lazy to do it myself! Nothing special to report this week – I am still (Yay!) on plan and wearing a skirt that felt snug a few weeks back, and now fits well again. Talk about sighing with relief! SO glad it’s Friday. I’m needing a day or so without the drive in to work.
OMG, Nancy – YES – DH told me when I got up this morning about the earthquake! This is getting really scary! I’m glad my son & his fiancée don’t live in L.A. anymore. But I feel for the poor people who do – it’s always something out there….all those fires every year, earthquake predictions, and now being in the possible path of a tsunami!
Karen31, you are looking awesome, girlfriend! The loss is very obvious. I swear, you give me such hope. Maybe I’ll become an exercise buff once I’m home all day – not too long to wait, now.
Freda, it’s pouring here! There are flood watches everywhere! But I’d WAY rather have to worry about avoiding flooded areas than be having more of that danged snow. No doubt we’ll get more before spring finally arrives, but the longer we can hold it off, the better.
Mary, I guess Nancy and I have the same issues with constant travel – what would we do with our “stuff”? I know I have so much stuff – good stuff – that I couldn’t bear to part with….hey! Does anybody remember that routine George Carlin did on “stuff” (or maybe it was um….you know…s---t, but he meant stuff)? He was saying about how people have so much they have to get another place – another house – to put their “stuff” in… Certainly plenty of truth to it; I’m sure most of us could do without a lot of our stuff, but there’s a lot we’d like to keep even if it could be done without….oh, and I’m afraid I’m addicted to space. I need some rooms to putter in while DH putters elsewhere. Otherwise, I’d be REALLY nutty – nuttier, I mean, than I already am!
Lynn, I think you (and some of the others) asked about my test results. I got the results back from the lab – and the chest X-ray. Lungs clear, high levels of good cholesterol, low levels of bad cholesterol, nothing noteworthy except that my BP is running high these days. I haven’t heard anything on the stress test yet – seems like I should be hearing on that soon.
Rosey, hello to you today – I’m so glad you’re getting some signs of spring! (Send some to me, now, please!)
Hi Gayle – I’m glad you didn’t get laid off – and the new work schedule is actually better for you, so that’s great!
Karen3, if I was 13 again and had to look forward to living my life all over again, I swear I’d jump off the nearest cliff! I think I’m with Nancy on that one….I’m liking where I am now just fine! (YOU can be 13, though…and you KNOW we’re going to start setting some curfews and monitoring your TV watching, right? OH – and NO cocktails for you, young lady! Do your homework right this minute! (You SURE you want to be 13 again?)
Oh, Bobbi, please get another doctor! I don’t think anybody should have to live with all that pain – with all the diagnostic tools and treatment options out there now! We really worry about you, sis, so please see to it that you get the right kind of medical attention, okay?
PT, oh, you can handle a compliment! Just say, “Awww shucks…” and look down in modest acknowledgement…or, hey! Just look straight at whoever is complimenting you and say, “That’s right! Glad you noticed!” (I vote for option 2)
Okay, gotta run....have a great Friday, y'all!!!!


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