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Good Morning girls,

Well, the rain went away. Be careful what you ask for. Now we're getting snow and the roads are already looking bad. The city used to get them cleaned up quickly, but with all the cut-backs it's getting slower. I am working at Curves this evening, my DDIL is not feeling well. Sinus I believe. And I have woke up the last 2 days with a headache last seems to last all day. thinking you Bobbi. Mine are just annoying little headaches. Can't imagine a migraine for that long. Got some really sad new this week. My friend and co-worker's son comitted suicide. He was 20. She was divorced and raised the 2 boys basically alone. She had a lot of problems with them when they were teens and was just telling me last week what great young men they had become and how much she enjoyed them.

Nancy, watching the weather too, and saying prayers for all the people affected by this disaster. Still waiting to see what happens to California and Hawaii. Our nephue and his SO is in Hawaii (army and airforce) and just built a house on the beach.

Bobbi, I can't belive they haven't done any tests on your neck. WHAT are they thinking??? I would be furious and start insisting.

Lynn, I think we all have triger foods and good for you, for figuring out what yours was. And some foods really have a great difference in BS leavels.

Karen31, Still haven't gotten the Zoomba, but have been taking classes at Curves. So much fun. I am going to get it though. The classes are just once a week and I want to do it more. But then the grandkids have to come over and show me how to work the WII.

Rosey, Yeah for You! I have eliminated almost all white carbs. I do have a potato occasionally, I think they have enough health benefits to be ok. But I always use brown rice. I just like it better. Bread, it's always 12 grain or pumpernicke or rye, which doesn't raise your BS as much, even less than whole wheat. and I love them. It's easier to stick to a diet if you actually like what you're eating, and there are some great alternatives.

Donna, I think our first instinct, when we get a complement, is to say "oh no, not me". Hard to learn to just accept what other people see, and not how we see ourselves. I think most ofus still feel like we're over weight, even when the mirror and he scale tell us differently.

Z, Hope the weather is ok there.

Everyone, have a wonderful day.

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