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Originally Posted by jess1 View Post
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Rosey, I can really identify with the bad/good carbs. I basically try (operative word) to stay as far away from starchy carbs as possible and to eat as much as possible the fruit/vegetable carbs. They don't trigger anything, but one bite of the others and I'm off the wagon, under the wheels, and drooling from the left side of my mouth! Yeah, attractive, I know!
Hi Donna,
I am with you. Starchy carbs and sugary desserts start my cravings. Did you ever read “The Taming of the Chew?” or any of the Carb Addiction books? We are not the only ones with this problem.

Originally Posted by maryea View Post
Lynn...did you watch Survivor? I almost cried myself when Russell cried!! Like him or not (and many people didn't but also many did) he made the show very entertaining. Now I guess I will root either for Rob (not usually a favorite for me but he's growing on me cause he's cute and playing well), or Philip who's a really strange annoying character...seems kinda dumb..but you never know.. he may end up making good entertainment. I'm still trying to figure out whether he's just pretending or that's really him the way he's acting...but I have a scary feeling it's really him. Oh, yeah, and Matt's another cutie but think he may be too nice to play this game...well, we'll see.
Hi Mary,
I agree – Russell was the most fun to watch – a REAL rascal. Phillip is TOO strange for me. Do you think he really did work for the FBI? Yes, probably need to root for Rob now – or what about that guy in the overalls who got the idol?

Originally Posted by Karen31 View Post
I did another 6.13 miles today with the Wii. So that makes 46.83 miles so far this month and a total of 218.52 miles for the year so far. I'm still enjoying it and still losing (tomorrow is weigh in for me) I still think I'm going to get the Zumba to have here so when I start getting a little bored or stop losing for a bit I can change things up. Freda, have you got it yet? Do you like it?
Hi Karen,
CONGRATULATIONS! Upping the exercise REALLY works! Good luck at tomorrow’s weigh in.
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