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We are here at Travis AFB and trying to work out our visits with family...boy, it can be difficult at times to meet up with everyone without hurting anyone's feelings! We will be having "Christmas" with our oldest dd and gs Saturday night but my dh also has two brothers and a sister plus nephews and nieces in this area as well.

Today we were on our own still so we went for a walk (32 min) and then went to the BX and commissary. Stopped at a niece's place of work to chat a few minutes. We had lunch at the base mall ...shared an Asian meal ...I was trying to be good but I ate 1/2 rice, most of the orange chicken and a couple pieces of broccoli and onions from the beef and broccoli, but didn't eat the beef. Thought I did well but that orange chicken as lots of carb I guess cause I realized later I'd gone over by one carb. Before I knew that though I got a one dip ice cream cone so I really went over then!! I have SO much trouble being consistently OP!!

Jess - about the haircut. I washed it today with some really good shampoo and it looked better ...not good...but better so I have decided to live with it until I get home. It will be a month on the 18th so I'll probably get it cut about that time. I usually go 6 weeks but really shouldn't. I REALLY hate getting a bad haircut but fortunately my hair does grow very quickly.

Lynn...did you watch Survivor? I almost cried myself when Russell cried!! Like him or not (and many people didn't but also many did) he made the show very entertaining. Now I guess I will root either for Rob (not usually a favorite for me but he's growing on me cause he's cute and playing well), or Philip who's a really strange annoying character...seems kinda dumb..but you never know.. he may end up making good entertainment. I'm still trying to figure out whether he's just pretending or that's really him the way he's acting...but I have a scary feeling it's really him. Oh, yeah, and Matt's another cutie but think he may be too nice to play this game...well, we'll see.

Saw a couple big rabbits today so there are still some around here, but not nearly as many as there used to be.

I have really enjoyed our trip and if we didn't have a house and yard to take care of and taxes to do, I'd be willing to just keep on going. I would like to get another new mattress for the RV bed though! We got this one a couple years ago but it isn't much more comfortable than the old one. Very disappointed with it! We are still not sure about selling the RV. Despite the high price of diesel, it is still a pretty inexpensive way of traveling esp if my dh wants to stay out for three months at a time. We have talked about even longer if we keep it. But If we do I think we really need to consider getting a condo or small house/small yard situation at home unless we want to full-time which we have considered but I am a little scared to do that with our house value so much lower right now. I'm concerned if we sell and then want to buy another later we might not be able to afford it without a mortgage which I do not want. So many decisions have to be made. But we do enjoy traveling.

Well need to fix dinner....
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