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So this is what I've done. It's probably cheating so I've been limiting it to once maybe twice a week.

I first take 1/4tsp of garlic olive oil and 1tbsp of minced garlic. Brown the minced garlic.
Then I take about 8oz of water and 2oz of low sodium chicken stock. Boil it.
Then I take 1tbsp of tomato paste add it.
Then I mix in the power.
If I have left over broccoli or zucchini then I'll heat that to add.
Sea salt & pepper to taste.

But doing that toasted garlic and the tomato paste really makes a differance. It looses the power taste and gives it a consistancty of thick real soup.

Now I just wish I could have it with a grilled cheese sandwhich like how I used to eat tomato soup

How bad am I cheated by preparing it this way?...

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