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Good Hola, All...
Freda, thank you for not telling me that you bless my heart!! I do appreciate the compliments... just a wee bit hard for me to accept them. I'm trying, though!

Rosey, I can really identify with the bad/good carbs. I basically try (operative word) to stay as far away from starchy carbs as possible and to eat as much as possible the fruit/vegetable carbs. They don't trigger anything, but one bite of the others and I'm off the wagon, under the wheels, and drooling from the left side of my mouth! Yeah, attractive, I know!

Glynne, sorry work is so stressful, but it sounds like your situation has improved! Those long hours are just too hard on these old bodies! We need our rest!!

Bobbi, I agree that it's unconscionable that you haven't had an MRI or other testing! I don't understand anything! Bah on insurance and doctors! In fact, bah, bah!

I'm weak with hunger, so I think I'll go fix that! Later, my lovelies!

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