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Hi Everyone,

REALLY raining here. The Delaware River (2 blocks from my house) is about to overflow. Luckily, my DD’s B&B and my condo are both up on hills. The floods are close, but do not affect our homes. I drove down there this afternoon – LOTS of TV news trucks taking videos. The river is supposed to crest on Saturday.

My DF and I went into Philly to Penn Museum for the Silk Road exhibit. Interesting!

Originally Posted by glynne View Post
It's been kind of a stressful few days ~ stuff at work. I knew from a few things that had been said that there were going to be some changes, but I had no idea how many people were going to be affected. Finally found out today. More lay offs (there had been layoffs back in the fall) more people were going to be let go and were being told today. Thankfully I wasn't one of them. It will affect me by a change in my hours. Actually for me, it will be better. I am going to be working now ~ eight hour shifts ~ 10am to 6pm ~ 40 hours a week. It will be every other weekend. So now, I will get to do stuff with the family again. And, I won't have to get up at that terrible hour of 4:30 am, and I won't have the 16 hour shifts back to back with the short night (4 1/2 hours) of sleep on Saturday nights. I feel bad for the people who will lose their jobs. I feel bad too for the people who are left ~ we were already working short a lot of the time ~ sounds like it will be even worse now. They worry so about patient satisfaction ~ I can't see how that will improve when the nurses are expected to do more with less help.
Hi Gayle,
I am sorry about the lay offs. I remember those times when I used to work at ETS. They are TOUGH to get through. However, I am happy to hear about your new and better hours.

Originally Posted by maryea View Post
I have been op today at least I think so. We ate at Subways for lunch but we split a 6 incher and I asked for only 1/2 mayo and we each only got one small piece of Jack cheese and lots of veggies. Worst thing was we shared a bag of Cheetos, one of my favorite snacks (I know...bad, bad) and also shared a diet coke. But not bad for eating out. Tonight will be Tilapia and veggies of some kind....I think it will have celery and maybe mushrooms in it plus whatever else I can find.
Hi Mary,
That lunch doesn’t sound bad to me. I like the idea of sharing stuff – my friends and I do that all the time.

Originally Posted by the slim me View Post
Rain, rain, go away....I'm waiting to see if it works! Not yet....It has been raining for 3 days. I guess it's a little better than snow, but it's very dreary. At least with the snow we got some sun. Been very off my eating plan this week, but i'm back on. How much damage can you do in 4 days? Way too much! I don't like how I feel when I eat unhealthy. I still do it occasionally, reverting back to old habits? Then my body lets me know it's being abused.
Hi Freda,
After falling off the wagon, I drink LOTS of water and eat low-calorie for a couple of days. Most of what you gain is salt & it comes off fast.
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