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Hi Bobbi, how is the headache? Gone, I hope.
nope, funny you should ask. I'm getting really depressed about those d%#* headaches. I'm still getting them almost nightly, but not as severe as before laser treatment. I got out all my medical bills, tallied up how many chiropractor appointments I've gone to (36 treatments), 25 cold laser treatments, 10 health reach sessions(deep massage), 3 medical doctor trips with a dozen cortisone shots and daily exercises. I sent the whole list of things I've done to my general practitioner for some advice of where I should go from here. Nobody has taken x-rays, I think that's the first thing someone should do. I've got the letter ready, will mail it off tomorrow. I'll let ya know.

Bobbie, How big is your peach tree that you keep inside? Do you actually get peaches? I love peach blossoms in the spring time. And cherry blossoms!
Our DD gave it to us last summer, her ex-hubby gave her a bunch of them free. It's about 8 feet tall, the only directions are to bring it into the garage over winter because they don't do well in the ground during Minnesota winters. Last year her tree had a few peaches on it. Ours is full of blossoms and suppose to be self pollinating. I don't know what we'll do with it once it's too big to fit in the garage. It'll probably croak by then anyway, it was a freebie so no big deal. We have soooooo many fruit trees now in our yard, 4 apple, 2 pear, 1 cherry, 2 apricot and 2 plum. We haven't had pears yet but they are finally big enough where we should get some this year. I've been cooking frozen apples up with fresh grated ginger and prunes for a really yummy topping for our cereal in the mornings, DH loves it. I have to get creative in finding ways to use up the apples. I was just thinking that apple/prune concoction would be good spread over a yellow cake and topped with whipped cream or Cool whip.

Rosey...YeaThat's hard isn't it.
Morning HAPPY becuz my ticker is now accurate ..i guess lo carb helped,i have not had any bread,rice,pasta,or crackers for 3 days now.

Gosh...I just looked at the time, I shouldn't have started this post...gotta go start supper.
Later Gator!
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