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Good morning GG's,

Rain, rain, go away....I'm waiting to see if it works! Not yet....It has been raining for 3 days. I guess it's a little better than snow, but it's very dreary. At least with the snow we got some sun. Been very off my eating plan this week, but i'm back on. How much damage can you do in 4 days? Way too much! I don't like how I feel when I eat unhealthy. I still do it occasionally, reverting back to old habits? Then my body lets me know it's being abused.

Nancy, looks like you have been getting the same weather. At least you can see soem signs of spring. So far, nothing here. I looked out to see if I could see any little green things peaking through the ground and nothing yet.

Gayle, Sorry to hear about the upheval at work. I don't do well with change, but I guess it's something that is always going to be there. I'm glad you are looking at the bright side.

Mary, I got a bad hari cut last summer, just before vacation. it was BAD! Love sisers, they laughed at me all the time I was there. Next time I vowed I would NEVER leave with a bad cut, it would have to be repaired right then.

Lynn, Only one pound to go. I know that will be soon. You are so determined, it an inspiration to us all.

Hey Z, We're still waiting to see what the test results were. Crossing my fingers (and eyes) that they were good.

Karen3, 13 again? Not sure I would want to go back there. But I sure looked and felt better. Maybe if I could have the wisdom (as little as it is) that I have now.

Everyone, have a great day

Sherri, I think it's great that you lost 1 pound. Look at the big picture. Not easy to do, I know. We want results and we want it now! But you will get there. And in the mean time you are eating healthier and your body is getting stronger.

Rosey, Love the flowers. They sure brighten up a room. I would have been tempted to take a broom to that moose. Or maaybe not. They are really big aren't they? Maybe he was just pruning your rose down for you?

Bobbie, How big is your peach tree that you keep inside? Do you actually get peaches? I love peach blossoms in the spring time. And cherry blossoms!

Maureen, Good to know your name. I love getting the spring planting catalogs. Do you have a garden? I have hardly nothing, but I love to look
and dream.

Donna, You're looking pretty good to me! Take a complement and say "thank you". My southern mom taught me that! ha!

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