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Hey G.G.s,
Gray & rainy here today, but Iím not complaining. At least itís not pouring, like this past weekend, & probably tomorrow. And the birds are still out & making numerous trips to the birdfeeder, & the forsythia are blooming (a sure sign Spring is coming!), & we need the rain.

Congrats to Sherry & TeaÖ uh, I mean Maureen (nice to know your name) on your one pound losses. Yay! & Yay! Yíall are doing great. I was only down a half pound this week, but at least thatís better than nothing, I guess.

Rosey, loved your flowers. What a sweet DH! And youíre looking so good! Sorry about the moose eating your rose bushes, but having a moose in your yard sounds exciting to me. (We have had some deer in the backyard, & once, a neighbor's cow right outside our front door!) The buds on the daffodils in my yard are just starting to open, but Iíve noticed some in neighborsí yards are already in full bloom - another sign Spring is just around the corner! (Can you tell Iím excited about the arrival of Spring??!!!)

Iím getting really lazy about computer stuff lately. Maybe because my internet connection gives me such a hard time. Anyway, sorry for not posting more, but I am reading all the posts, & love hearing about everyone! I need to start fixing supper now. Itís going to be sort of strange because Iím trying to use up some of the stuff Iíve had tucked away in my freezer - some turkey & dressing & gravy from Christmas, a bowl of chicken noodle soup, & some broccoli. I think it will make a good casserole, but weíll see.

Bye now.
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