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Morning everyone .gee i was up early becuz my dream made my hair stand on end..but its beautiful and very sunny,happy birds on the feeder i feel spring is comming..its staying lighter out later more daylite hrs and the daffy's perfume my house..ive been researching wls recipes as im tired of always eating the same things and came across a web site called theworldaccordingtoeggface..all one word and it has some great recipes and even tho they are for wls folks they would also work for everyone..they are high going to try the micro cake one,its no sugar and only 3T of ww pancake mix and eggs and sf jello..ill let u know if its good..check it out..i made the breakfast quiche yesterday and they are great.i was to hot last nite about 4 am so i got up and opened the door and sat there a few to cool off and there was a huge moose eating my rosebushes i rapped on the door hoping to scare it away which made my dogs bark,waking up my dh but the moose just kept munching..hope i have flowers this spring.have agreat day everyone rosey

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