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Good Morning, All...
First, I have to snort... "Little? ME??????" Oh, surely, you jest! I haven't been described as that since I was first out of the womb! No, what you're seeing in my avatar is a slightly lesser version of a former me. And if I can just maintain that, I'll probably be happy!

PT/Zoe, we never had winter this year, so there's nothing to be finished. I think we're at less than 20" for the entire season, and our average is closer to 70". You poor other folks got it all. Of course, we might still get one or two... We're going to have lots of ants and bugs and whining from me this summer... guaranteed!

Sounds like you're all doing okey dokey... upright and functional, that's all we can ask, yes? Hope your day is a good one, Everyone! Be safe.

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