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Just checking in without very much to say. Worked, came home, ate supper, stayed on plan, Yay for me. DH has gone to bed, I'm not quite ready yet, but feel dull. I may have to resort to a few visits to a tanning salon to see if I can brighten myself up.
Bought some summer clothes today, and a <gasp> bathing suit. Didn't try it on, but I think it'll be okay. We'll see. I'm dying to get to a beach. Maybe I should just say "to heck with it" and book a mini-vacay someplace warm. Hate to spend the $$$ though...really can't, actually....I need to save as much as I can now, while I'm working, so that I won't be broke when I retire. I'm beginning to get a little paranoid about it. Good news, tho - DH is doing some contract work that will bring in a few extra sheckels. 'Bout time, is what I'm saying....
I'm keeping up with everybody's posts....just kind of too "blah-feeling" to try commenting. Next time.
Hope everyone has had a good day, is having a good evening, and will have a nice, restful night.
Bye for now...


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