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Hi all....I am finally done with everything. Getting senile is on that list. Got to the denist this am for the 9am appt which was really at 10am. Sighhh, at least it was the right day. Gained 2 lbs reading Paula Deen's magazine while I waited. Came home and cooked 8 turkey thighs and large tray of chicken with lf sf bbq. Laughed when admitted was cooking 12 lbs of poultry. Then went for hair cut and car to the library to set up a reading by DS with his book in July. And it's only 3pm now.

You remember that the hair dresser thats been cutting my hair for 11 yrs still asks the same questions and talks nonstop. Have to take 2 asprin before I go!Feel like I have been cooking for the world and wish fast food places served healthy stuff.

Tammy....welcome...I agree with everyone. All your stuff is really salty and actually all my triggers. I'd be happy just licking the salt and grease off chips. So let one cross the lips and am lost in calories. Check out fitday and start following what you is eye opening.

Emaline....welcome.... next time reward yourself with bunch of daffys like Rosey!

Rosey...Just had to bust a tad on you about oooey gooey...That picture with the daffys is Marvelous can really see the changes.

Lynn....told you I was lossing it. I read you went to see chainsaw???? LOL at self. It's such fun to have a best bud to do stuff I reading right 145? You're there?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

power just jumped and lost post for second....BBL...hugskaren3

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