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Hi everyone! I haven't yet had time to read all the posts but did skim thru them. I haven't been posting because we went into San Diego for a couple nights and I didn't take my netbook.

We stayed in our timeshare condo and visited our youngest dd, sil and our two gc from there. We had a nice time and it was difficult to leave them last night. We left the condo this am and went to Camp Pendleton for some groceries before coming home to our RV.

Since we got home I have washed a couple loads of clothes and am cooking rice as we are having a quick chicken/veggie stir-fry. Last night we got pizza for the kids so tonight will be healthier.

We leave tomorrow and are now heading home for sure although it will take us a while. I need to get home to do our taxes and we need to do yard work. Also we are still deciding whether to put the rig up for sale or not.
Kinda hate to leave this park as it is very nice...there are ducks and geese running or flying all over, yet it is close to stores, restaurants etc. We have enjoyed walking here.

Books I'm reading...The Lone Star Lonely Hearts Club (mystery) and a study on Christ's Death and Resurrection. The first one is very light reading and the second is very interesting and informative as it goes into much more detail than I've ever read on this subject. Forgot the name and author right now though. I usually have two books going at the same time like this.

Bobbi - I had the 17 Day Diet book sent home so won't get it until I get there. I'm not sure I actually will follow the diet but I always learn something from diet books and I also add to my diet recipe collection.

I'm sorry I can't respond to all the posts but will try to do better when I get home and can be online more. Have a good evening.
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