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Hi Everyone - Beautiful day today - snow is melting & the temp is actually above 0C - YAY! Positively balmy! And yesterday too. I even got the dog out for a walk yesterday & there is one in his afternoon today too. Went to aquafit this am & the instructor worked us really hard but it was fun. Karen31: OK - I have to agree.....why is your son living there rent-free? If he wants to do what he wants to do & not adhere to the house rules, then maybe he should move out & start paying his own way. That would wake him up! I'm also glad your hubby is on the same page you are; you need the united front for sure. I also agree with "tough love". Know that we all are thinking of you & hoping things work out for the best for everyone. Bobbi: I hope your headache is better now. The weight loss tips sound interesting. I'm house drudging a bit today, laundry & getting outside. Who knows how long this nice weather is going to last?! Everyone have a wonderful day - love this site!
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