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Good Morning, All...
I'm not sure I like this font and size... What do you think?

KarenMO, I know how hard it is to tough love your kids... but this is not a small child here! He's ACTING like a small child, yes, testing his boundaries like a toddler. You're going to feel like crap, whatever you decide to do. At least, DH is with you on this, which makes it a little easier to make and stick to a decision. Good luck! Good thoughts abound!

Our touted snowstorm has arrived... I think. There's a slight dusting. Our WeatherFools have to be the worst!! If we don't get some winter soon, we're going to have a horrendously terrible summer, and none of you want to listen to me if THAT happens!

Nothing to report! I hope all are well. Bobbi, I'm so sorry you woke up with a migraine again... do you have any doc apptments this week to help?

Everyone, good Monday!

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