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I had a migraine all night, woke up with it too. DH just gave me a deep neck/shoulder massage and it's helping already.
KarenMo...I was thinking your DS went back to join his old girlfriend, apparently not. I second what Freda said, tough love. You'd think once they got to that age they'd grow up and not put anymore grey hairs on your head.
That was an interesting web site you sent me about what people around the world are eating. You should post it here, especially after talking about what some of us are eating. I'm just trying to take a mental photo in my mind of what the picture would look like at our house. If I put last week's consumed food in the picture, I'd see more clearly what I shouldn't have eaten, what I should eat more of. That could turn into a mini challege for me, maybe I'd kick myself off this plateau. I did lose a smidge of fat when I weighed into Biggest Losers but that was so small, salt retentions affects my weight a great deal. Please post that article Karen and lets talk about putting a wake up call to the Golden Girls this week. I know it would help me.......lots of work. Maybe we can get pictures of our weeks worth of food and post it next Monday?

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