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Howdy all....Day has jumped from dark and cloudy to sunny and now back again to dismal. Having just one friend over for early dinner. Been a cooking weekend.

Got thinking last night(and that's a challenge there) about Bobbi saying I spend alot. Nope....I bought a pound of red shrimp for about $9. I feed the 4 of us lunch with that and used the leftovers for dinner and breakfast as a fiattata. So I got 8 meals out of the pound. My biggest expense was the damn bread I had to buy when the biscuits came out as hockey pucks. And no leftovers they ate the whole loaf.($3) and the yellow squash was pennies. Red pepper (.89) and local and I had a baking potato. Oh forgot the scallops they were out of freezer and we caught them last summer. We eat well but have always used home grown or locally grown stuff or caught.

Years ago when living on the Eastern Shore of Md, a friend was doing home health work and she laughingly said it amazed her that "poor folks" diet was what people paid a fortune for. They had crab, seatrout, rockfish, vension and chicken for proteins and then grow vegies by the ton. Mrs Paul. Campbell Soup and all the chicken growers have plants there. When the kids were young we suplimented groceries with vension, home grown beef and pork. Plus a garden. Later on Elk and bear(once). Most deer i ever butchered in one day was 12!!!!!! Not wrapped but cut up into steaks and roasts plus ground up. I'd do yours but you wrap.

Tickles me no end that my daughter is now living my life and using my recipes. Best vension one is: slice roast into thin thin slices, bread in italian bread crumbs and eggwash. Fry until pretty goldbrown, place on baking sheet. Bake 350 for 20 minutes and serve with canned green beans that have been marinated in italian salad dressing. Cost 2 eggs??? oil for frying.....can of beans??? and cup of salad dressing. Not much and feeds a crowd.

My biggest food expense is Dash's turkey thighs, but the alternative is putting him down. So he is now listed as our million dollar dog.

I fed all those bridge players ....80-100 lunches for $18-20 total.

I love to cook and watch people enjoying my food, but I always have a private hook in there. Like tonight the sweet potato casserole is SF and some of those potatoes i got free last Fall. Never say SF or LF. Never say D.I.E.T.

Well it's time go make that sweet potato back later karen3

ps still waiting for that martini!!!!!

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