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Good morning Golden girls,

Wish all of you a blessed Sunday. I worked Friday and Saturday was DGD's birthday party at Jeepers. For those of you that don't know, it's one of those places that have parties for kids and have lots of games and rides. 12 kids and most of the parents just dropped them off. It's not a confined place, it's in the middle of a large mall and one door opens to the outside and the other into the mall. Maybe we're just a little over protective, but i would not feel comfortable leaving my child there with just the host. So, DH and I both took groups of little girls to different games and rides. naturally, non of them wanted to go to the same place. Walked my feet off too. And while i'm in the complaining mood, so many of the parents droped off kids that were not invited to the party. This was not a home party. It costs over 15 dollars a child. Is this common? Am I really as petty as I sound? Anyway, Kenzie had a great time and no one wanted to leave. Except the adults. ha!
I had one small piece of pizza (yuck, so greasy) and that was dinner.

Karen31, Sorry you're having so much trouble with DS. When do they grow up? Not too sure about that one. Hang tough, hon, tough love!

Z, sounds like a great time with the kiddies. I love spending time with the Grands, they are so fun. As far as the weather goes, Rained all day friday and snowed again Saturday. Looks OK outside today, so far. Sun is shining but lots of snow on the ground.

Rosey, I work rehab and we have the car and the home unit too. Our job is the encourage the patients to reach a leavel where they can return home and care for themselves. I'm sure your mobility will increase as the weight comes off. Did the Dr. say you might get feeling back to your feet? Are your legs paralized or do you have loss of sensation?

Donna, We've all been OP too many times to count. But only for a day or so, right? Got to jump right back on.

Emaline, I'm frugal too (or cheap). I make menu's around what's on sale at the grocery stores and what I have on hand. I've done it for so long it's just second nature to me now. And I think we eat really well. It does take more thought and some work, but I figure I have more time than money.

Bobbi, I'm another one that makes lots of soup in the winter too. All kinds, and always have leftovers to freeze.

Kaaren3, Have an apple martini for me too. or 2....

Sherri, Hi to you too. I've been cleaning house all morning too. How do things get so dirty in so little time? Anyway, haven't gotten to the closet yet. Honestly, I only do closets twice a year. I know, i'm tooo lazy. So silly to keept hings that other people could use.

Lynn, How you and you friend are having fun. See you soon.

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