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yoohoo...changed my avatar pic again to one we took at the museum of science yesterday. I look friendlier, I think. To myself, anyway. Omigawd. Did we ever walk our feet off! Sure can tell that I've been a slug all winter. Last time we took the kids to the MOS (last April) I don't remember having any trouble walking at all. In fact, we even left the museum and walked another mile and a half to Quincy Market, which, for those unfamiliar, is a big open air marketplace with all kinds of street performers, booths with all manner of stuff for sale, and it's surrounded by indoor stores...Nordstroms, Banana Republic...oh, so la-di-dah and upscale, doncha know? But that was last year, and this was THIS year, so we stayed at the museum which was no problem for the kiddos, because it would take a week or more of steady walking to see (and explore) everything, but oh, my feet! I was so glad that the place closed at 5:00. (We got there at 11). If it had been open any longer, I might've collapsed on a bench and refused to move all night long. ANYWAY, we then took the kiddies out to eat, and what with dilly-dallying about, never got them home until 9:00. We'd picked one up at 9:45 and the other at 10:00. That was one LONG day, let me tell you! Luckily, the Museum has upgraded their snack bar to a full-fledged food court - just with prices about 10X the average mall food court and less choice but better quality. They now have a very well stocked salad bar, which I helped myself to, and, Tah-dahhhhhh, stayed O.P.! Stayed O.P. at supper, too...we ended up at a Ruby Tuesdays, and they have a great salad bar, too. Today, we have to do our grocery shopping, but after that, it's going to be very non-movement-oriented, trust me. I will, however, eat correctly, as I am now making menus and doing pretty well at sticking to them.
Yep, Nancy, I can't help wondering if at some point, the internet is going to reach critical mass, and there will be so many users that the whole thing will just crash. Even with our service, which is decent - we use our cable provider for internet, phone & TV - there are times when it slows down.
Well, Rosey, let's hope that once you've lost all your weight, with the reduced strain on your back, you'll experience even better mobility. It seems likely, I would imagine. Losing the weight certainly can't hurt, right?
Sherry, a lot of our snow is about gone, too. Lovely sight, even with all the trash emerging that people tossed into the snow. (I could never understand people who just throw their trash out their car window, or drop it wherever they're standing - we're like birds fouling our own nests, some of us humans).
Karen3, I've seen those prepared meats - the rolled, stuffed roasts - and never thought to buy one. With your recommendation, maybe I'll take the plunge.
And speaking of high grocery bills, Bobbi, mine is outrageous! I suppose it depends on what part of the country you're from, and with the relative short growing season here in the northeast, eating fresh produce and fruit (which what we MOSTLY) eat) is pretty expensive.
PT, after yesterday's workout, I slept in until 9:30 this morning, which is close to unheard of for me. Sure felt good, though. The little kit came in a few times and purred around my head, but I gave him a few feeble pats and went off back to sleep! I hope you have a better week ....seems like the improving weather will make us all feel a little bit better. I'm feeling a little less "blah-ish" but am looking forward to feeling a LOT less!
Oh, btw, I survived my stress test! (Didn't think I was going to, actually). Now we have to wait and see what they decide the results are. I suppose I should be a little concerned, but frankly, the fact that I survived it and lived on to walk the museum makes me feel that it's unlikely that they'll find anything to worry about.
Lyn, how was the St. Paddy's day parade? (Is it already almost St, Paddy;s day? Good thing I don't work in Boston anymore - the whole city loses it's mind celebrating!)
Phenomenal clothes buys, Tea. I've been indulging a bit, myself. Of course, I'm always indulging. I don't know what I'm going to do with all these clothes once I retire. Post 90% of 'em on Ebay, maybe.
Keep up the good work, Gayle! I'm really, really proud of you!
Karen31, .6 down is way better than .6 UP, am I right? Yes, I'm right, so YAY for you, girlie!
I'm sure you're enjoying your friend's visit, Lynn, so we'll expect you to report in when she leaves, okay?
And you are where, Freda? Working? Ack. Hope your weather has been treating you well, at least!
Hey, Mary - still tooting around the park, or are you on the road again?
And, JustMary...I'm sure sorry about your struggles. Let's hope they're temporary ones!
Bunti, feeling better, I hope?
Well, THIS here chick is over and out (gotta make my menus for this week).
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning the devil says, 'OH CRAP, SHE'S UP!'"
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