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Hi everyone..Bobbie they taught me to always be aware of my surroundings esp where i place my feet,one step at a time and i always check there's nothing to trip on and my dogs move out of my way when im up and about,..its really hard on snow or ice,when i transfer from wheelchair to stand and pivet to get in the car,im always afraid i will fall and break you know rehab had a car in one of their rooms that you practiced getting in and out,and a sm aptment to learn to get in and out of bed,do laundry etc..they have little tricks that help..its been 3 yrs and im confident in what i do and how..ive only fallen 2 x and that was the first yr both times we had to call the paramedics for assistance the 2nd time i was getting in the shower and lost my balance not a stitch on but my dh but a towel over me befor the cutest paramedic came and helped me gee whiz i was embarassed but not hurt thankfully,it would be a miracel if i got back the feeling in my feet as my weight drops but i figure i would have had some change by now if it was going to happen.i decided to be lazy today im reading james clavel's poor dh,,i dont know if the cures worse than the bacteria they are trying to kill,he had a bacteria called hpylori in his stomach which caused the hes on 2 diff antibiotics strong doses which make him nauseated and running to the bthrm and a headache,besides recovering from the surg and gastritis..and hes bored and crumpy..i would be too. i tied a new recipe its for wls people but think youd like it too..its like those impossible pies with bisquick or a small quiche they are baked in a mini muffin pan just right for a small snack. ill post the recipe if anyones interested..well here i am rambling on and on sry so will check in later ttfn rosey

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