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Rosey...that's what I was thinking, how do you know what your feet are doing if you can't feel them, yikes! Do you think they will ever get better once you lose more weight?
i went to rehab and they taught me to walk with a walker and i use the wheel chair when im out and about..when i do walk my ankels sometimes roll and i cant tell what im stepping on and my balance is terrible..ive learned to live with my handicaps

Hi Emaline.....When I make my noon soups, I always cook the tomatoes and zucchini first, put in food processor and whiz until smooth, then add it to the soup pot with my other veggies. I love the creamy texture too, sometimes I cook cauliflower with the tomatoes, then blend up before adding other veggies. Unfortunately, cauliflower gives me um, you know.

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